Collaborations And Media

Recent and Forthcoming Publications

​“Venison,” Dislocate, Spring 2013

“Lights Down the Road,” Rainy Day, Fall 2013

“Johnny,” The Susquehanna Review, Spring 2014

“We Eat,” “41 North,” Verse Wisconsin, March 2014

“Up North,” So To Speak, Spring 2014

“Baby Teeth," Prick of the Spindle, 2014

“Water Deep, Cold,” Able Muse, Winter 2014

“Coda,” Better: Culture & Lit, Winter 2014

“Fact-Checking,” TheNewerYork Press, Spring 2014

“Fourteen Types of Knots,” The Fem, Spring 2016

“Black River Woman,” Midwestern Gothic, Summer 2016

"Rattlesnake," Poor Yorick, Winter 2016 

“Threshing,” Dappled Things, Spring 2017

"Holocene," Newfound, Spring 2018

"Salt River, Tide," Brevity, May 2018

"Calving," Hypertext Magazine, TBA

"Low Frequencies," The Alaska Quarterly Review, TBA